Bord na Mona Edenderry Power Plant: Online Induction Case Study

Hear how Shane Molloy of Bord na Mona has used Initiafy’s online induction platform to induct local and foreign contract workers

How Has Initiafy Improved Inductions at Bord Na Mona? from Initiafy on Vimeo.

The Bord na Mona Edenderry power Plant generates heat by burning peat and carbon neutral biomass. The plant has an installed capacity of up to 244MW of electricity and supplies about 2.5% of Ireland’s national requirement. Operating around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there is a continuous stream of workers of various nationalities, coming and going.

Shane Molloy took the time to sit down with us to talk about his experience with Initiafy. Shane is an Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for Bord na Mona. He has overseen the environmental and health and safety compliance since 2007.

The plant shuts down three times a year for maintenance work so there are a lot of foreign contract workers coming and going. Bord na Mona first started using Initiafy in 2013 with the aim of inducting these workers in the contractor’s preferred language. Shane explained the benefits he gets from using the Initiafy platform for their online induction training.

Before Initiafy they would spend 3 to 4 hours a day on classroom inductions for their contract workers. Now all their inductions are completed before anyone arrives on site saving them hours of work.

One of the main benefits for Shane is that with the Initiafy Identity Capture feature you are able to know exactly who is arriving on site each day and he doesn’t have to worry about the wrong person showing up as he can verify their identity.

As workers are able to upload their documents themselves onto the platform, Shane knows just how qualified they are and they will have everything in the system before the worker starts on site.

Many workers may not speak English. Before Initiafy Shane would have to make sure he has an interpreter on site for the non-English speaking workers. Now he can set their specific language on the platform.

By using the Initiafy platform, the Health & Safety team have freed up time to engage in other important safety activities such site inspections.

Online Induction

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