Transform Your Contractor Management Process with One Easy to Use Platform

Initiafy is designed with contractors and heavy industry workers at its heart. Your sub-contractors can now be pre-approved and their workers inducted before they step foot on site.

Our Contractor Management software improves productivity, saves time and keeps your ever-changing workforce safe. Initiafy customers enjoy the peace of mind that all workers on site are fully compliant with documentation, qualification and training requirements.

Sign up for a live demo and see how Initiafy can help you:
  • Pre-approve, pre-train your contractors: Register, train and approve contract workers online before they even set foot on-site, saving your company time and money
  • Track safety compliance and worker behavior: Monitor and keep a record of contractor behavior and their overall safety compliance
  • Check-in/Check-out: Access Control links worker check-in/ check-out to compliance validation and notifies site managers in case of emergency
  • Paperless management: Instant access to secure data in the cloud, with no filing cabinets or paperwork on-site
  • Consistent training: Company inductions can easily be customized to each location, site and role
  • Eliminate language barriers:  Available in multiple languages with an auto-reader for literacy accessibility
  • Capture and verify worker identification: Ensure that the person taking the training is the same person who turns up on site
  • Generate custom reports: Dynamic reporting and dashboard

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