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Initiafy works with many leading companies in heavy industry. Watch the video to find out how Initiafy’s contractor management software helps businesses save time and money.

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We’ve cut back on our administration costs. By the time they collect the paperwork, go through it, file it, do all that end of it, we ended up saving a lot of money and we also got to produce more training for our workers.”   Aaron Olsen, EHS Manager, Industrial Scaffold Services
"General stuff is now done on an online platform, while stuff, local to the plant, is done in person. Staff are freed up to do their jobs. What used to be an hour induction is now 15 minutes.” Liam Mannion, safety specialist ESB
“We have looked at the advantages for inducting circa 2,000 employees in terms of cost, and at an average hourly rate of £30/hr the cost saving is circa £120,000. There is also increased productivity of approximately 4,000 extra onsite hours.” John Pilkington, H&S Manager Balfour Beatty
"The benefits were clear, instantaneous and tangible. Superintendents don’t have to waste time anymore. We’re experiencing the benefits of the efficiency that Initiafy provides.” Rich Steimel, Senior Vice President Lendlease

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