The ‘August Effect’ – Inductions for ...

The ‘August Effect’ – Inductions for doctors

27 August 2014

New doctor inductions can save lives this August It is well known that going to hospital can often be more harmful to your health than staying […] read more

Top 10 Construction Accidents and Claims

Top 10 Construction Accidents and Claims

18 August 2014

We are all prone to saying “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” before taking a risk. It is part of human nature to avoid precaution […] read more

New employee checklist – Top 5

New employee checklist – Top 5

06 August 2014

For more information Watch our 60 seconds Video Imagine a situation where you turn up for your first day at work, no one is there to […] read more

Top 3 Contractor Induction Tips

Top 3 Contractor Induction Tips

05 August 2014

Contractor inductions need not take up time and resources   Imagine the scene… It is 8am on a cold Monday morning and 2 bricklayers, 3 pipe-fitters […] read more

Hierarchy of Hazard Control

Hierarchy of Hazard Control

01 July 2014

Take a Free Demo Today Hierarchy of Hazard control is a system used in certain industries to minimise or eliminate exposure to hazards. The concept is […] read more

How to improve employee retention rates

How to improve employee retention rates

11 June 2014

How do effective inductions help? Evidence suggests that up to 90% of new staff members decide whether to leave an organisation within their first six months […] read more

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