Online Contractor Orientations
Save Time and Win Your Day Back!

Streamline Your Contractor Management Process

Improve Productivity

New hires will never have to wait around to be introduced into your company again. Contractors and temporary employees arrive on day 1 pre-approved, pre-trained and ready to start work.

Contractor Management

Safer, More Compliant Workplace

A large workforce comes with its share of risks including a host of logistic issues and workforce management problems that can drive you crazy. Initiafy’s Access Control comes with a self-check-in/check-out feature which lets users check in onsite faster and easier.

Structured Roadmap

Customise your online paths so that workers complete forms and training which are relevant to them. All in the language of their choice.

Contractor Management

Reduce Costs

Reduce your induction costs by preparing contractors and workers in advance of their start date. It makes contractor management simple so that nobody slips through the cracks, reducing the risk of accidents on site.

Contractor Management

No Paperwork

Form-filling is a thing of the past. Contractors are pre-registered and pre-approved, while each worker self-registers their qualifications for a streamlined induction process.

Contractor Management

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Take a look at how initiafy can save you thousands of hours.

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