About Us

Why we exist and what we're aiming for

Our Mission

To improve day 1 for the overlooked workforce: contractors, temporary employees, seasonal workers and even visitors.

Instead of arriving at your facility not knowing what to expect, workers can now begin their first day feeling confident, safe and ready to hit the ground running.

About Us

Initiafy is a leading provider of contractor onboarding and orientation software specifically tailored for contractors and temporary employees. The company was born in Dublin in 2012, and has since grown rapidly, with offices in London, New York and Toronto, and customers across the globe. Tens of thousands of workers are orientated through Initiafy every month.

The Platform

The entire platform is fine-­tuned for contingency workers, meaning that you will find features on Initiafy which can’t be found anywhere else:

Contractor Control – Approve contract company documentation and worker documentation before they step foot on site. Contractors add their workers and make sure everyone they're sending to your facility is pre-­orientated.

Dynamic Registration – If you use a variety of contract workers, you probably want to gather different information from each group. Your online registration page will adapt itself as workers choose their role and location, so you have relevant data and documentation for everyone on site.

Identity Capture – How do you know that the person who has taken the online orientation is the person who arrives on site? Apart from getting agreement to the terms and conditions, we also take a series of photos of the user throughout the process, which you can access in their profile.

Ease of Accessibility – Users can take their orientation from any device, any location and at any time. The platform is multilingual and our Auto­-Reader means that even illiterate workers can complete their own orientation.

Our Values

At Initiafy, we believe that our customers really do know best when it comes to Health & Safety training and contractor onboarding. We rely on our customers to tell us what they want so we can refine the platform, allowing them to deliver safety training effectively.

We focus on one thing and we do it really well. The Initiafy platform is helps you manage the initial steps of your contractions. We have remained steadfast on one core product and are continuously improving it.

Ready to get started? We’ll hold your hand – our support team are at the end of a phone, email, ticket, instant message or screen share.